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  Web Meeting Genie
  Integration of Voice, Data & Video Communication to Enhance Productivity Brochure Download
  MCT Web Meeting Genie is a leading edge web meeting & collaboration system. It supports VoIP, Video, IM, File & Desktop Sharing, Whiteboard and Recording function of web meeting. It provides a web interface with attached address book for user to reserve meeting resources and invite up to 500 users in a meeting by email. It supports rich functions for chairman to manage proceeding the meeting smoothly. Its friendly web interface and powerful multimedia communication functions bring new experience to user and greatly enhance the collaboration among participants and efficiency of the meeting.
1. Enhance user’s productivity and collaboration by powerful call control multimedia communication functions & friendly user interface.
2. Reduce phone bill by fully utilizing enterprise VoIP network infrastructure.
3. Reduce enterprise’s traveling and training expenses.

Main Functions and Differentiation
1. Support web interface for user to reserve conference resources and send invitation email.
2. Support VoIP, Video, IM, File & Desktop Sharing, Whiteboard and Recording function.
3. Support multiple file formats (MS Office, CAD/CAM, JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG/WMV/MPG/MP3…).
4. Support mark & note on sharing document by text, line, graphics, marker and laser point.
5. The maximum participants in a single conference room are up 500 people.
6. Support user to record of the meeting including voice, data and video into user’s PC.
7. Support integration with MCT Audio Meeting Genie to ensure voice quality of meeting.

8. Support integration of LDAP (AD & Domino) & personal address book (Outlook & Lotus Notes).
9. Support integration with email system (Outlook, Lotus Notes & POP3).


System Specification
1. Support SIP/E1/T1/Analog protocols to integrate with IP PBX.
2. Supports up to 500 seats in a Web Meeting Genie server.
3. Support HA architecture for large enterprise.
4. Support Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2000/2003/2008 with system server.
5. Support Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Win7 with user’s PC.

  User Interface – Reserve a meeting
  User Interface – Meeting functions
  Deployment Architecture

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