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  MCT Web Call & Collaboration System
  Flash Web Call no need download * Support agent collaboration   Brochure Download
  MCT Web Call is a leading edge flash based web call system. It supports multiple Operating Systems of PC and waives the trouble of user download & ActiveX prohibition. It can be easily integrated with enterprise PBX, Auto Attendant and Call Center system. Employees and customers can call up the company or call center by a browser of any PC at any place. It greatly saves employee’s long distance & IDD call expense, as well as 800 customer free call expense. In addition, by integration with MCT Web Collaboration module, it supports service agent to do instant message and share picture, audio and web content with customer on web. It greatly enhance employees’ productivity, customer experience & service quality and corporate image..

1. Reduce employee’s long distance & IDD call expense.
2. Reduce 800 customer free call expense or customer’s phone expense.
3. Enhance employee productivity, collaboration & business response time.
4. Enhance customer experience, service quality & satisfaction by multimedia interaction.
5. Enhance corporate image and competitiveness.


Main Functions
1. Support integration with enterprise PBX & call center by SIP / E1 / Analog protocol.
2. Support integration with enterprise web page via web.
3. Support VoIP web call.
4. Support carrying Caller ID.
5. Support user and extension management.
6. Support flexible setup of dialing code.
7. Support setup of routing rule according to dial No.
8. Support integration of MCT Web Collaboration module.
    - Support agent interacts with customer by IM, and push graphics, audio and web to share with customer.
9. Support integration of LDAP. (MS AD, Lotus Domino, Open LDAP)


1. Flash based web call waives the trouble of user download & ActiveX prohibition.
2. Web based VoIP phone can be easily plug into corporate web and employee email.
3. Friendly graphic interface is easy for user to turn on and use the web call.
4. Support SpeeX codec saving bandwidth requirement, each voice channel takes only 15kbps.
5. Support echo cancelling and intelligent noise reduction to enhance voice quality.
6. Support SSL data security.
1. Support SIP/E1/T1/Analog protocols to integrate with IP PBX.
2. Standard server supports 30 concurrent web calls.
3. More powerful server can support larger capacity.
4. Support HA architecture for large enterprises.
5. Support Linux in server.
6. Support Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac & Linux in user PC.
7. Support IE, Safari, Chrome & Firefox browser in user PC

  User Interface

Deployment Architecture

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