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  MessageCasting (MC)
  A New Channel of Multimedia Message Broadcasting Brochure Download
  Besides voice communication, IP phone is also available to be a terminal for enterprise internal message relay and broadcasting in multimedia fashion. MCT MC supports pushing text, audio and graphics data to a group of IP phone and text to mobile phone by a simple user friendly web interface. Users can broadcast a preset or a real time message to specified IP phones or mobile phones right away or by schedule. It is much more powerful than legacy voice paging system. For enterprise with multiple sites, it also saves telecom cost by leveraging enterprise IP networks. It greatly enhances enterprise internal collaboration to achieve better productivity and efficiency.

1. Enhance enterprise internal collaboration, mobility, productivity and efficiency.
2. Save telecom cost for broadcasting real time message to multiple sites thru IP networks.
3. Replace legacy paging system.

Main Functions & Differentiation
1. Broadcast text, audio or graphics message to IP phone or text message to mobile phone in real time or by schedule.
2. Support PUC web interface to do message broadcasting.
3. Support multiple graphics formats including JPEG, PNG, BMP…etc. System will automatically adjust its resolution and format according to designated IP phone terminals.
4. Integration of web, voice mail and enterprise LDAP to enable unified messaging.
5. Support integration of LDAP including MS Active Directory, Lotus Notes and Open LDAP.
6. Support integration of user’s personal phonebook from Outlook and Lotus Notes.
7. Support setting recipient group and repeating broadcast by schedule or time interval.
8. Support recipient’s confirmation and report of XML message.
9. Support user authentication, password protection and authority management.
10. Support unified web based user & management interface with other MCT CA applications.


System Specification
1. Standard server supports up to 120 concurrent session of XML MC application and stackable for expansion. More powerful server is optional for larger capacity in one box.
2. Support HA architecture for large enterprise.
3. Support Windows OS.

  User Interface
  Management Interface
  Deployment Architecture

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