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MCT Hotel Solution For Cisco UC Brochure Download

Key Difference
Transform guest service from simple voice into multimedia and multi-channel.
Use data channel providing supplementary content to enhance voice communication service quality and effectiveness.
MCT provides a Cisco UC based total solution for hotel management and guest service. In addition to legacy applications for hotel management and guest services, MCT offers innovative solutions to enhance hotel customer experience, satisfaction and business efficiency.
By leveraging powerful functions of Cisco Unified Communication and MCT patented technologies which integrate voice (IVR) and data (XML) channels of IP phone. It delivers friendly and effective services, thus creates brand new customer experience for either self service or attended service for hotel guests. It enhances customer service quality, enhance hotel revenue and also reduce hotel service cost. Please download MCT demo video to experience the data and voice converged service style.
MCT Hotel Solution Package
By partnering with PMS and hotel management system vendors, MCT is able to provide an Cisco UC based turnkey solution for hotel.

MCT hotel solution offers three packages, Basic Package, Premium Package and Optional Package to meet the requirement of each specific hotel.
1. Basic Applications
PMS System (3rd party partners’ product)
PMS Gateway
Billing System
Voice Mail (Guest & Staff)
Mini Bar & Maid Service
Wake-up System
MessageCasting: It can broadcast customer care and service message to guest room IP phones, or job dispatching & alert to hotel staff Ip phones, in text, audio and graphics mixed fashion.

2. Butler Applications in guest room
(customization according to hotel requirement)

Bill Checking
: link to hotel billing system.
In-Room Dining: link to hotel room service menu, job dispatching, billing and kitchen system.
Concierge Service :link to external ICPs, such as web sites of Gourmet, Tour…etc..
Hotel Amenity: link to hotel web provide amenity introduction, reservation and current situation by linking to cameras in each facility, such as fitness center.
Reservation:link to hotel web to provide restaurant introduction, reservation and current situation by linking to cameras in each restaurant.
Information Service:link to external ICPs, such as web sites of Airlines, Weather, Traffic, News…etc..
General Service:link to hotel guest room service for guest to request wake-up, beverage, cleaning, personal stuff, network cable …etc.
Room Facilities Control:control curtain, lighting, air con thru Ip phone.
Shopping:provide guest with shopping of local souvenir, cosmetic, tobacco and wine …etc. and link to hotel payment system.

3. Optional Products
Web Collaboration Tool : It enables service attendant to push data to guest room IP phone while talking to the guest and support content management via web.
Info Alert System:It can link with hotel fire alarm and other automatic facilities to deliver abnormal alert to hotel management thru multimedia channels with escalation mechanism according to the pre-set rules.
Fax Server:Provide web fax hotel staff and fax on demand to hotel guests.
IP Logger:Provide total recording or recording on demand to hotel management.

Issues of hotel customer service
Hotel guests from all over the world with different languages and purposes, either business or tour, demands all kinds of service such as airline service, gourmet, sightseeing, information, shopping…etc. Five stars hotels usually build a call center with English and local language speaking agents to render the services 24x7. The service and operation cost is extremely high, yet the language is still one of the most difficult barrier for those foreign customers who don’t speak English. Simple voice communication is also hard to provide effective and impressive service to customers.
Besides legacy hotel solutions, MCT solution primarily addresses to improve hotel guest service by voice and data convergent style, either for attended service or for self service. In addition to hotel internal service content, by leveraging external internet content providers, MCT brings all kinds of service that hotel guests want, such as airline service, ticketing, shopping, tourism, entertainment, gourmet…etc., to user friendly IP phone terminal which enables voice and data concurrent communication with multilingual service. It not only enhances customers’ experience and satisfaction, but also generates more income and reduces operation cost for hotel. Following are a summary of issues about how to improve hotel guest service and reduce operation cost.
  • ‧How to provide multilingual service to guests from all over the world?
    ‧How to provide close contact with customers and deliver hotel’s greeting and service related messages in a timely, non-disturbing    and effective manner?
    ‧How to add on data as supplementary to voice communication as if servant is in front of guest?
    ‧How to reduce service cost by customer self service without compromise of service quality and hotel image?
    ‧How to extent hotel experts’ knowledge and keep consistent high quality service, but no need of intensive training to every servant?
Functions of MCT hotel solution
MCT uses Cisco 7970 series IP phone as a multimedia hotline between hotel staff and its guests. Following are some functions to solve the problems mentioned above. More functions and applications are available upon hotels’ request.
Hotel guests can order any service by touching the service icons on IP phone display. MCT solution will turn on voice channel to respond and guide guests as if there are servants on the other end. In addition, it will push XML data as complementary to the voice service to make it more friendly and effective. During guests doing self service, guests can press the agent button at any time to route the call to a service agent designated by the system. Service agent can find out guest’s demand by talking, and reply by pushing data to guest’s IP phone as complementary to voice explanation. Most of time, a picture is more than thousands of words. It will tremendously enhance the service quality and effectiveness.
For example, a Japanese guest wants to order a pizza in room. He can check out the in-room dinning menu on IP phone. MCT system will guide him how to proceed it and explain to him how the pizza is prepared by pre-recorded audio, at the same time show him a picture of the pizza. All the interactions are in Japanese to make the guest feel easy and comfortable. Guest can press agent button to connect to an agent and request double cheese if he should have special request.
Deliver new customer experience by multimodal multimedia interaction.
- For self service, MCT IVDR performs multimedia interaction with guests by Integration of voice (IVR) and data (XML) channels.
- For attended service, hotel service agent can do data collaboration by MCT web collaboration tool while talks to guest.

Broadcast notification, promotion and service messages to guests in text, voice or graphics.
As a Multimedia hotline connecting to hotel service agent and bringing guest’s previous activity data to agent desk top.
Provide total dimension services, such as airline service, gourmet ticketing, travel, entertainment and
shopping…etc. by connecting to external content providers’ web and call center.
eWings hotel eWings hotel
eWings hotel eWings hotel
eWings hotel eWings hotel

  TV UC Benefits

Service Channel

Specific TV Channel

Default Home Page on Phone

Easier & More Friendly

Control Device

Remote Controller

Touch Panel & Keypad

Faster Response &  More Friendly

Type of Content

Web Data

Web Data & Voice

Richer & Better User Experience

Content Delivery

One Way Broadcasting

Completely User Interaction

Better Service Quality & More Effective

Content Management

Centralized by Web

Centralized by Web

Simple & Easy

Attendant Support

Not Available

Phone with Data Collaboration

Better Service Quality & Guest Experience

Collaboration & Job Dispatch

Not Available

Easy via Multi Channels

Productivity, Mobility & Guest Experience

Business Automation

Not Easy & Poor Guest Experience Easy

Cost Saving & Guest Experience

eBusiness opportunity of MCT hotel solution for business partners
While hotels adopt IP based UC solution to simplify their networks management, MCT innovative data and voice converged solution further increase Cisco UC system’s value by creating new customer experience, business revenue as well as enhancing productivity and reducing operation cost for hotels. The unique service style jointly enabled by Cisco and MCT creates a major differentiation against the other IP phone vendors. It will increase Cisco business partners’ competitive edge, revenue, customer value and loyalty.
Value proposition and benefits to hotel

‧Enhance hotel customer experience and service quality.
- User friendly voice & data converged service style
- Multiple languages service
- 24x7 professional service
‧Enhance hotel revenue.
- Enhance In-room dinning, restaurant and SPA … business
- Enhance shopping of gift and souvenir
‧Enhance hotel staff productivity and reduce operation cost.

    - By service automation and self service
‧Enhance hotel’s ROI of Cisco UC investment.
Value proposition and benefits to business partners of Cisco & MCT
‧An unique voice and data converged solution addressed to hotel guest experience and cost reduction. It differentiates Cisco UC and creates    competitive edge.
‧Enhance BP’s business revenue by adding on more applications on Cisco UC.
‧Enhance hotel customer’s value and loyalty by differentiated solution.

Differentiation of Solution
‧MCT IVDR delivers voice and data converged user experience comparing to simple XML data service. It enhances customer service quality    and satisfaction.
MCT offers a total solution seamlessly integrated with Cisco UC. It includes IVDR platform, Hotel applications and Agent Collaboration    Tool.
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