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MCT CA Products
Personal Unified Communicator (PUC)
Audio Meeting Genie
Web Meeting Genie
Click Dialer
Unified Messaging
Voice Mail
Fax Server
Speech Attendant
Speech Dialer
Phone Accounting
IP Logger
CA Certified Server






  ComAssistant (CA) brochure download  
  MCT ComAssistant integrates multiple UC applications in a single platform. It provides 24x7 non-stop services to enhance enterprise employees’ productivity, mobility and customers’ service quality in a friendly and efficient way. In addition, it supports the state-of-art Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text To Speech (TTS) technology to provide better user friendly interface. The web based architecture is designed for simple and easy use, operation, administration and maintenance. It is the ultimate solution for business communication as well as one of the most worthy investments for enterprises.
Click Dialer (CD)
    supports click to make a call or multiple ways conference call
Unified Messaging (UM)
    supports Voice Mail, Fax Server and MessageCasting
Voice Mail (VM)
    supports manage voice message via phone, web portal and email
Fax Server (FS)
    supports T.38 FoIP and sending / receiving fax from web portal     and email
MessageCasting (MC)
    supports schedule sending and receivers’ confirmation
    - XML message to IP phone (Text, Audio and Graphics)
    - Text message to mobile phone (SMS)
Phone Accounting (PA)
    supports various call log and management reports of multiple IP
    PBX clusters
  Meeting Genie (MG)
    supports Instant Conference, Schedule Conference & Web     Meeting
    - Instant Conference : click to conference up to 50 parties
    - Schedule Conference : book conference via web and send
      notification by email

    - Web Meeting : support video conference, IM, file sharing,
      desktop sharing and whiteboard

Speech Attendant (SA)
    supports transferring inbound calls by voice command
Speech Dialer (SD)
    supports automatic dialing by speaking contact’s name & phone
IP Logger (IL)
    supports total recording and recording on demand of IP phone

Benefits and Differentiation
1. Multiple UC applications to enhance user’s productivity, mobility, customer service quality and reduce operation cost.
2. Unified web based user & management portal and database is simple & easy for use, operation, administration and maintenance.
3. Modularized system architecture is flexible and scalable to meet enterprise requirement in all time.
4. Multiple applications in one box are excellent for small & medium enterprises.
5. Support HA architecture to ensure system reliability and large capacity requirement.
6. Support partition feature to enable hosting service by service providers.
7. Support integration and authentication of LDAP including MS Active Directory, Cisco CallManager DC Directory, Lotus Domino and Open     LDAP.
8. Support sync personal address book with Outlook, Outlook Express and Lotus Notes.
9. Speech/Data/Voice converged solutions to enhance customer and user experience.

System Specification
1. Support SIP/E1/T1/Analog protocols to integrate with IP PBX. (* IVT certified by Cisco & Avaya)
2. MCT standard server supports up to 500 users of CA applications and stackable for expansion.
3. More powerful server is optional for larger capacity in one box.
4. Support HA architecture for large enterprise.
5. Built in W3C VoiceXML 2.1 complied IVR - MCT NetVoice. It is easy to integrate with enterprise backend database and applications by     web development tools (ASP, PHP, JSP and CGI).
6. Support multimodal Speech/Data/Voice converged applications by Mobile Cloud patented IVDR (Interactive Voice & Data Response)     platform.
7. Support multiple integration interfaces: Database (ODBC/JDBC), Directory Service (LDAPv3), TCP\IP Socket,Serial Port (RS-232), Email     (POP3).
  Web Management Interface
  Deployment Architecture

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