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MCT uses Cisco 7970 series IP phone as a Multimedia Hotline to enable innovative service style to bank customers and reduce operation cost by banking business automation. The Multimedia Hotline will act as a Web ATM, yet seamlessly integrated with an IP phone. The converged device is of lower cost structure and better service quality than the combination of legacy kiosk based Web ATM and analog hotline. By leveraging powerful Cisco UC and MCT patented IVDR platform which integrate voice (IVR) and data (XML) channels of IP phone, it delivers friendly and effective services for either self or attended service to bank customers. It creates a brand new customer experience and enables innovative service style and content.
Besides basic account management applications, it enables 7x24 wealth management by multimedia communication to enhance bank revenue and delivers automated concierge services to VIP customers to enhance their satisfaction and loyalty. Meanwhile, it creates additional revenue by cross selling of other products and services. It also re-uses the infrastructure of existing phone banking, internet banking and contact center, thus saves the total investment and maintenance cost. It greatly enhances bank customer experience, service quality, revenue and also reduces bank operation cost.

Banking Business Automation Applications
1. A/C Management :provide account balance and money transfer service.
2. Bill Paymentprovide bill payment by customer’s account.
3. Wealth Managementprovide investment product introduction, purchase by self service, payment thru customer’s account and chatting
with bank financial advisor by voice and data collaboration.
4. Financial Advisoryenable customer to chat with bank financial advisor by voice and data collaboration.
5. Banking Informationproduct bank product and service introduction by voice and data synchronized presentation to enhance customer     experience.
6. Concierge Servicelink to external ICPs, such as Gourmet, Travel, Tour, Ticketing …etc. to enhance service content and bank revenue     by cross selling.
7. Virtual Receptionistprovide customer queue service and automatic job dispatching to bank staff.

Optional Products ( Please refer to MCT CA product )
1. MessageCastingbroadcast notification or message to IP phone in text, audio and graphics mixed fashion.
2. IP Loggerrecord all voice and XML data in customers’ transaction.
3. Fax Serverprovide web fax to bank staff and fax on demand to bank customers.
4. Phone Accounting systemprovide call records for analysis and management purpose.
5. Click Dialerenable bank staff to make call or conference call by click.
6. Speech AttendantTake care customer call by using state-of-art speech recognition technology to enhance service quailty.

Business opportunity of MCT Multimedia Hotline solution for banking
Customer satisfaction is a vital performance indicator of banking business. MCT Multimedia Hotline is a Cisco UC based converged banking solution. It addresses to bank’s demand of enhancing its customer service quality, business revenue and productivity. It changes bank’s work style, service style and deliver a brand new customer experience, especially for wealth management business to its VIP customers which contribute major portion of bank’s profit.
Issues of bank VIP customer service
Bank primarily depends on its financial advisors or private bankers to serve its VIP customers. Usually bankers will make visit to customers periodically and do most communication by phone. It is quite difficult to describe financial products and share investment analysis through simple voice communication in an effective manner. Bank also delivers various messages, such as investment report, gourmet, travel and entertainment information, to VIP customers by either email or regular mail, but the successful rate is very low due to timely and follow up service issues. Some banks also spend a big budget to build a call center to provide its VIP customers with those “life style” related service, such as dinning, hotel reservation and flight ticket. The service cost is high, but there is still huge room to improve the customer experience. MCT Multimedia Hotline is a answer to that. Following are a summary of issues about how to serve bank’s most valuable VIP customers.
How to keep close contact with customers and deliver bank’s greeting and service related messages in a timely and effective manner?
How to deliver differentiated service, in terms of service style, content…etc., to VIP customers?
How to enhance wealth management business of VIP customers? It means more assets, more transactions and more profit.
 ‧How to provide a total dimension services, by associating banking service with customer’s life style, to let customers rely on bank in
their day today life, thus to enhance revenue and customers’loyalty?

Issues of bank branch service
Bank wants to transfer those low value transactions, such as account management, bill payment, by customer self service to reduce operation cost. ATM is costly in terms of investment and operation. The legacy hotline by ATM is less effective to serve customers who encounter some problems.
Bank also wants to transform its branch office primarily for wealth management in order to make more profit. Yet most of the financial product sales requires bank financial advisor in branch office to serve customers, but the office hours are only 5x8. Married couple prefer to do it together, but they are tied up by each of them own job in the week day. MCT Multimedia Hotline is a answer to that. Following are a summary of issues about bank branch office operation.
How to develop new service channel to cost down of current counter, ATM and call center services?
How to expand wealth management business to sell more financial products and services?
How to lengthen service hours, especially for wealth management business?

Functions of MCT Multimedia Hotline solution
MCT uses Cisco 7970 series IP phone as a multimedia hotline between bank and its customers. Following are some functions to solve the above mentioned problems. More functions and applications are available at bank’s discretion.
‧  As a Web ATM to perform all kinds banking services, such as bill payment, money transfer…etc. It is also integrated with a hotline phone      for attended service.
‧ Deliver new customer experience by multimodal multimedia interaction.
 ‧For self service, MCT IVDR performs multimedia interaction by Integration of voice (IVR) and data (XML) channels with customer.
 ‧For attended service, bank service attendant can do data collaboration by MCT web collaboration tool.
‧ Broadcasting data and voice message including greeting and product information to VIP customers.
‧ Provide concierge services, such as ticketing, travel, entertainment and shopping…etc. to VIP customers.

MCT Multimedia Hotline solution Architecture
‧ Based on Cisco UC and SONA architecture to optimize customer service quality and bank staff productivity by integration of bank business     automation (BA) and office automation (OA) networks.
‧ Reuse of bank existing networks, phone banking, internet banking and contact center infrastructure and business rules. It is easy to build,     operate and maintain.
‧ It supports 3G smart phone to use the same MCT IVDR based application. It enables voice & data converged mobile banking solution.

Value proposition and benefits to bank
‧ To bank VIP service
1. Enhance bank’s image and competitive edge by differentiated service style and contents.
2. Extend bank services to VIP customers’ home to enhance loyalty and satisfaction.
3. Deliver customer care & product information to VIP customers in a timely & effective fashion.
4. Provide 24x7 wealth management service by voice & data collaboration with customers to increase revenue and profit.
5. Deliver concierge services by associating external ICPs services, such as gourmet, traveling and shopping…etc., to enhance customer     service, experience and increase revenue by cross sales.

‧ To bank branch service
1. Act as a Web ATM, yet integrated with a hotline phone to contact center.
2. Transfer non-dollar bill transactions, such as money transfer and bill payment, to the low cost Multimedia Hotline terminal at 10% cost of     ATM, to reduce investment and operation cost.
3. Reduce customer waiting time by more service terminals to enhance service quality.
4. Provide easy and friendly user interface by MCT IVDR to enhance customer’s experience.
5.Provide 24x7 wealth management service by voice & data collaboration with customers to increase revenue and profit.

Value proposition to Cisco business partners
‧ An unique voice and data converged solution addressed to bank business demand. It differentiates Cisco UC and creates competitive edge.
‧ Enhance business revenue and customer loyalty by selling business critical solution besides networking and UC infrastructure.
‧ Huge market opportunity. Potential sales of millions of multimedia IP phone for bank branch and VIP customers, and network infrastructure     to go with it.

Differentiation of Solution
‧ MCT IVDR delivers voice and data converged user experience comparing to simple XML data service. It enhances customer service     quality and satisfaction.
‧ MCT offers a total solution seamlessly integrated with Cisco UC. It includes IVDR platform, banking applications, IP Logger and Agent     Collaboration Tool.
‧ It supports 3G smart phone to use the same MCT IVDR based application. It enables voice & data converged mobile banking solution.

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